ACE Insight FAQ

Q: What is ACE Insight?

A: ACE Insight is a security analysis tool, provided by Forcepoint Security Labs, that examines and reports on Internet properties. ACE Insight scans the properties in real time to provide an analysis of what is there right now, and what risks it may represent.

Q: What is CyberSecurity Intelligence?

A: Forcepoint CyberSecurity Intelligence is a set of subscription security services from Forcepoint, Inc. The ACE Insight tool is integrated into those services, and unlimited access to the tool is one of the features offered by the program.

Q: The ACE Insight URL entry screen shows lower level sites ( If I enter a site like that, what is analyzed?

A: ACE Insight analyzes the property you enter. If you enter a full domain and path, as shown in the example, ACE Insight shows the results for exact page you entered, not the base domain ( There is one exception: if the page you enter is a redirect, analysis is done on the final page in the chain. A Redirection section in the report shows the path from the first page to the final one.

Q: What does “Upload a file” mean? Why can’t I access it?

A: The “Upload a file” menu is used to access Advanced Malware Detection, a cloud-based sandboxing service from Lastline Inc. This feature is part of CyberSecurity Intelligence, and is only available to subscribers.

Q: What do the locks on the right side of the page mean?

A: The locks denote how many times per day you can use the ACE Insight tool. There are 3 levels of access. Anyone can use the tool up to 5 times per day. If you create a free Forcepoint account, you can use the tool up to 25 times per day. CyberSecurity Intelligence customers have unlimited access to the ACE Insight tool.